Dental Consultation

Upon your arrival at Oueis Dentistry, our dental consultant will greet you and introduce you to our friend team of dental professionals. He/she will remain at your side thoroughout your consultation process. Any smile concerns or questions you may have will be addressed by Dr. Oueis so that you can make confident treatment choices.


 Oueis Dentistry treats all patients on an individual basis. We know dentistry treatment is never a one size fits all solution. We provide an extensive array of treatments and procedures to accomodate the needs and expectations of each patient. We specialize in providing aesthetic treatment option for even the most complex cases to ensure the most comfortable treatment possible.


We explain all treatments and procedures with their respective costs clearly and in easy to understand terms. There are no surprises or hidden fees. For more affordable treatment options, ask us about our dental financing.


A dental checkup or dental exam is not included in a free consultation.

Office Locations

Carling Dental

The Dental Office at Lyon & Glebe